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We have a centralized purchasing role in one dept. In the normal course of week, a bunch of PO's get approved, and on Friday's - an individual goes about placing the orders

While [Send to Supplier] is a novel function - it's not likely something we could make use of.

However, we are currently forced to use this function, per-se, to mark PO's as having been sent to the supplier (so the rest of the dept know what the status is of their POs'). Which means, having an artificial work around - having to send the PO's out to the purchaser, or a dummy email.

It would be great to have a 'Mark as Sent' option both within where we enter PO's; and also from the PO list, where we can mark multiple PO's as having been ordered.

Suggested by: Kent Upvoted: 12 Dec, '19 Comments: 1


Comments: 1

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